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Will post proper reviews later, but here are some tips: Go to Rome in late winter/early spring.The weather was perfect, the skies clear, the humidity low and the temperature a cool 14 °C to a balmy 19°C.I suck now and will probably not pick up bowling again until I’m retired and have nothing else to do.- snuck out of Chien Tan. According to the rules, we’re not allowed to leave the premises after a nightly bed check at 11pm.But we’re all adults, some of us have even graduated from college!Usually when I travel I’m either working or doing my damnedest not to look like a tourist.

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Do your research before you go as you could end up mightily disappointed.

Stuff looking like a geek, it’s more important to know what the hell you’re looking at when faced with the latest unnamed Roman ruin you happen across in an alley, or a statue that could be a Bernini or a Canova.

I have the internet for the latest and best hotels, bars and restaurants, whereas history doesn’t change quite so quickly.

Finally, buy the Blue Guide, and not just the concise one but the big tome.

The Blue Guides focus overwhelmingly on history and culture rather than shops, restaurants and hotels, so in a city like Rome it is an absolute must.

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