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At the time, she was campaigning for future president John F. When Kennedy noticed what she was reading on the platform, he suggested she use a brown-paper cover so as not to jeopardize his election chances.See more » I think Stanley Kubrick was the only director who had any ideas of how to tackle a film version of Lolita.

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Middle aged Humbert, a European, arrives in the United States where he has secured at job at Beardsley College in Beardsley, Ohio as a Professor of French Literature.

Before he begins his post in the fall, he decides to spend the summer in the resort town of Ramsdale, New Hampshire.

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  1. These Wharf Rats—named after a Dead song—gathered under an arc of yellow balloons during concert breaks, finding strength in numbers as they maintained sobriety “one show at a time.” wrote about deadheads, “[They] had only one thing absolutely in common: Each had experienced some inner click of affinity, some overwhelming sense of ‘here I belong,” when confronted by the Dead, its music and scene.

  2. You know those couples on Instagram and Twitter who are so lovey-dovey that they'd be absolutely insufferable if they weren't so clearly happy together? They're constantly popping up on one another's social media accounts, filled with support, love, and the occasional sweet inside joke.