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The Marshall–Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary, commonly referred to as William & Mary Law School, is the oldest law school in the United States.

Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, it is a part of the College of William & Mary, the second oldest college and first university in the United States.

Braxton Craven Moot Court Competition co-chairs Sarah Burnick and Katherine Rippey and all students on the Craven Bench who, over the weekend, beautifully ran the national competition, attended by teams from across the country.

Members of the judicial branch are recognized during our annual Witt Professionalism Dinner.

After William & Mary Law School was reopened early in the twentieth century, it was moved around the main campus of the College to several different buildings in succession. The Law School Transparency estimated debt-financed cost of attendance for three years, based on data from the 2013-2014 academic year, is 1,746 for residents; the estimated cost for non-residents is 0,696.

Wolf Law Library, and the construction of a new admission suite. Taylor Reveley III, formerly managing partner of the law firm of Hunton & Williams, was dean of the Law School until he was promoted to President of the College itself in the spring of 2009. Consumer Financial Transactions Clinic students Lucy Bertino 3L and Lauren Kosches 3L after a well-prepared and well-argued motion at Wake County courthouse. #Go Heels #GDTBATH ⏺️⏺️⏺️ Photo via @michaelroth95 #UNCLaw Congratulations to 1L Black Law Students Association Mock Trial team members! Students were invited to our Attorney-in-Residence lunchtime program with Diana Florence ’95 and Scott Peeler ’97 titled "A House Divided: Litigation in Public Service & Big Law." Diana and Scott met at Earlier this month, our Holderness Black Law Students Association Appellate Advocacy Team consisting of Emon Northe 3L and Chelsea Barnes 3L entered the semi-finals at the regional Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition in Birmingham, Ala., as the"May Joel Berry rise up and smite our adversaries with the right arm of Tar Heel justice." - Professor Gene Nichol, Constitutional Law, on Carolina basketball."The guys place the same priority on education and the same passion for their careers as I do," Hirner said."We're also at similar places in our lives, being students, which makes it easier to relate." Columbia University students Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer started the dating website on campus in November.This month, the site launched at 140 more schools nationwide, giving more college students the opportunity to meet their future husbands or wives.Alexa and Meyer, both recent graduates of the Business School, came up with the idea after a girlfriend complained that there was not enough testosterone in the School of Social Work.William & Mary Law School was founded in 1779 at the impetus of Governor of Virginia Thomas Jefferson, an alumnus of the College, during the reorganization of the originally royal institution, transforming the college of William and Mary into the first University in the United States.At Jefferson's urging, the governing board of visitors of the College established a chair of law and appointed George Wythe, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, delegate to the Philadelphia Convention, and Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, its first holder.(CNN) -- Though they had perhaps crossed paths several times on campus, it was only when Andy Lalinde was scrolling through images of cute girls online that the one with brunette hair standing in some South American country caught his eye. With nothing to lose, Lalinde wrote a funny message proclaiming his love for nurses and hit send. While they could have passed each other walking to class, it took -- an online dating website exclusively for college students -- to bring them together and officially exchange vows on April 29.He opened her profile and saw her name was Michelle Przybyski. One walk of four hours with Lalinde's dog, Domino, around campus and a date at the library (that didn't really involve studying) later, the two Columbia University graduate students applied for a marriage license in New York just 10 days after meeting in person. With countless dating websites such as, and, the online dating market is a bit crowded.

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