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Like continental crust, however, oceanic crust is destroyed in subduction zones.The lavas are generally of two types: pillow lavas and sheet flows.Visitors to internet firm Cloudflare's San Francisco office are often impressed by the striking wall of 100 lava lamps that greets them.

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Cloudflare's 'wall of entropy at it's San Francisco HQ.

Zircons are minerals that occur mainly in granites from the continents.

They contain trace amounts of uranium, thorium and lead, and due to the fact that they survive geological process very well, they contain a rich record of geological processes The researchers do not think this is the only case of an ancient continental crust lying beneath what is now a volcanic island, which means more evidence of hidden continents could still be found.'Evidence is accumulating that old continental crust may occur beneath some young ocean-island volcanoes, contributing contaminating components to their chemical and isotopic compositions,' the authors wrote.

The lamps are constantly recorded by a webcam, and analysed to help the firm create truly random numbers to power its encryption software.

The images change based on a multitude of factors, including the movement of the lava, the inclusion of anyone who's walking by, and even the shifting daylight – all of which helps the firm turn the data into random numbers.

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