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He was in between said to be in a relationship with comedian Jenny Slate.Dakota Johnson, on the other hand, had split from her boyfriend of two years Matthew Hitt in 2016.I kept feeling like I'd wake up with absolute clarity, and I haven't. The chance that we'll regret it doesn't seem like a compelling enough reason to do it…You were wondering how we make it work. No one's had to give up an opportunity they really wanted." "In reality our lives — Jon's and mine — are so unconventional in every way, it's very difficult," she added in a separate interview with the later that same year. After 18 years together (making them one of the most stable relationships in Hollywood), Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt have decided to call it quits.

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But Jen is the love of my life, and we’ve already been together four times longer than my parents were married.” – Hamm, in a 2010 interview with changed Hamm“It’s a confusing juxtaposition. That is, I guess, why people come up and say all sorts of wildly inappropriate things to him, and me, which don’t bear repeating People sometimes recognize me but can’t place me – it is always ‘Hi, we sat together at that wedding, table 11! With Jon, it’s just become this constant ‘OMIGODI’mgoingtodie!

His skin on the hands has been discolored and become pale in patches.

He attributes it to the long hours he had to spend fretting about his character of Don Draper on the show. These include petroleum products, certain chemicals and the like.

I never thought I'd be this age and not have kids," Westfeldt told the in 2012.

"But my life has also gone in a million ways I never anticipated. I'm not sure we can do it without proper home base…" PHOTOS: Celeb couples, then and now On the Public's Perception of Their Relationship "The hardest bit for people is that [Don Draper] is such an iconic character, fans of the show have a really hard time imagining [Jon] is not like that," Westfeldt told the .

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