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I witness it daily and I couldn't be more proud.You are a rockstar bub @jrodgers11 Excited for you at the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP!! A post shared by Jo Jo Fletcher (@joelle_fletcher) on First week of freedom together and we were able to wake up to this every morning 🙂 Thank you @Tripadvisor Vacation Rentals & @luxuryretreats for the unbelievable engagement gift! “My bags are packed, we have a house in Dallas, we’re moving right after this,” he added. Here’s what we know about their life since the show. Rodgers moved to Dallas, where they live together and are “happier than ever.” “I’ll be in Dallas closer to her family, so we’re ready for that,” Rodgers told Harrison on .😎 A post shared by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on , Fletcher revealed she hadn’t met Aaron since filming wrapped.“It’s the same situation that it’s been, but it’s not something that we – it’s not the focus for us right now, it’s about is.” Rodgers added: “Anything with my family, Jo Jo’s been a part of my family, and any conversations we have about that moving forward are with us and about us, and we’re excited about starting that journey with our families.” When Harrison suggested that Aaron might be able to attend the wedding, Jordan responded: “We have to pick a date first.” WATCH: 4.

“Once we’re settled and we have furniture to sit on, we’ll sit down and figure it out.” 8. Rodgers wrote an impossibly adorable birthday message to his fiancée, which he posted to his Instagram in November.“We’re enjoying this time in our life and getting to date each other.” “We’re trying to figure out where it’s going to be first,” Rodgers said in a previous interview.“We have family in California, family in Dallas…” Fletcher added: “We’re just enjoying being together right now.” In a Dec.There have been many nights where I’ve cried myself to sleep, and he’s been the person on the phone with me just trying to keep me okay, and I feel like it’s been really hard for him. We can’t show our love, we can’t show our relationship, so that’s been tough.” Despite the struggles, considering a breakup “never happened,” Fletcher said. They make fun fun of each other like an old married couple.On their drive down to Dallas to move into their new home, Rodgers documented Jojo’s impressively long nap on his Snapchat.“You deserve the world and I’m going to keep trying to give you all of it!The first of many birthdays to honor (and tease) the unbelievable human being you are.” 9. Rodgers relocated to Fletcher’s hometown of Dallas after their engagement became public knowledge following the series finale of The Bachelor.A post shared by Jo Jo Fletcher (@joelle_fletcher) on Little much needed R&R to celebrate our engagement!Thanks @tripadvisor Vacation Rentals & @luxuryretreats for gifting this amazing pad…forgot to mention we are NEVER leaving!The two moved into a house together, which — though it took them a bit of time to fully furnish — has now been transformed into a comfortable, retro-chic space for the couple.“When we were apart, I remember thinking: ‘This would be so much better if we were together,’ ” Fletcher told PEOPLE.

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