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Martin, Aziz Kashmiri, Marie Witcher, Elvis Fisher, Robbis Storm, Professor Alan Mitchell, Dr Paul Fleischman, Brother Chidananda, Michael Hesemann, Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, Suzanne Olsson, Arif Khan, Unnamed Head Priest Meenakshi Temple, Father Baptiste, Daniel Entin, unnamed Iskcon Priest, His Holiness The Shankaracharya, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, Unnamed Hemis Monastery Monk, James Deardorff, Dr Ramesh Bajpai, Unnamed India Security Advisor, His Holiness The Dalai Lama * Based on the book by Edward T.Martin, King of Travellers: Jesus' Lost Years In India (Jonah Publishing Company, 1999) Secrets of The Cross: Trial of The Knights Templar Channel Five Television (CTVC), 28 September 2008 Directed by David Bartlett Series Producer John Fothergill Narrated by Colin Tierney Featured Dr Shimon Gibson (W. Albright Institute, Jerusalem), Dr Adrian Boas (University of Haifa, Israel), Sean Martin (Author The Knights Templar), Dr Barbara Frale (Vatican School of Palaeography), Professor Alain Demurger (University of Paris, Panthon-Sorbonne) * Not so much a history of the Knights Templar but rather the myths of the Knights Templar the Shroud, the Grail, the Templar treasure fleet at La Rochelle with Barbara Frale giving another misrepresentation of the historical significance of The Chinon Parchment.The Virgin Mary could be buried with her son Maximus in a cemetery located by a 6th century monastery in Beth Shean, Galilee * Based on the book by Simcha Jacobovici & Barrie Wilson, The Lost Gospel: Decoding The Ancient Text That Reveals Jesus' Marriage To Mary The Magdalene (Pegasus Books LLC, 2014) Legacy of Jesus: The Bloodline of The Nazarene Reality Entertainment, 2014 * Compilation of clips from Philip Gardiner's Talk-Show, Gardiner's World (Edge Media Television Ltd, shown on Controversial TV, 2008-2013) * NTSC DVD Version for the United States Myth Hunters: The Priest, His Lover and The Holy Grail, Season 3 Episode 3 History Channel, December 2014 Raiders of The Lost Past, Episode 10, 30 January 2015 Directed and Produced by Joshua Whitehead Narrated by Alisdair Simpson WMR Productions/IMG in association with Yesterday UK TV Featured Lionel Fanthorpe, Clive Prince, Jean Brunelin, Jean-Jacques Bedu, Antoine Captier, Claire Corbu, Henry Lincoln (archive footage), Christian Doumergue, Peter Mc Crohon (Brenger Saunire), Ben Craze (Bishop Beausjour), Imola Gspr (old Marie Denarnaud), Leanne Johnson (young Marie Denarnaud), Jim Glaister (Nol Corbu), Stephen Parker (Robert Charroux) * Initially repeating many of the post-1950s sensational myths, rumours and canards associated with this subject matter the documentary at the end revealed the banal and mediocre fact that Brenger Saunire was a highly enterprising crook who obtained his wealth through trafficking in masses The Trail of The Templars, 16 December 2014 The Curse of Oak Island, Season 2, Episode 7 Executive Producer Kevin Burns Narrator Robert Clotworthy History Channel/Prometheus Entertainment/A&E Television Featured Rick Lagina, Jack Begley, Charles Barkhouse, Dave Blankenship, Dan Henskee, Kathleen Mc Gowan, Alan Butler, Alex Lagina, Marty Lagina, Dan Blankenship, Drake Tester, Craig Tester, Jim Meagher, Fiona Rogan * The Cathars, The Knights Templar, Kilwinning, the Tironensian Order of Monks, Rosslyn Chapel, William and Henry Sinclair, Micmac Indians, the Masonic Royal Arch of Enoch (developed in France during the mid-1700s and translated into English in 1821) all form part of a jigsaw puzzle that solves the mystery of the Oak Island Money Pit that in all probability is a natural sinkhole that was used as storage for something far more mundane than The Holy Grail and was emptied again before being discovered in 1795 (American War of Independence, 1775-1783) Seven Must Dye, 9 December 2014 The Curse of Oak Island, Season 2, Episode 6 Executive Producer Kevin Burns Narrator Robert Clotworthy History Channel/Prometheus Entertainment/A&E Television Featured Rick Lagina, Dave Blankenship, Dan Blankenship, Tony Sampson, Alex Lagina, Marty Lagina, Kathleen Mc Gowan, Tobi Dobler, Charles Barkhouse, Jack Begley, Dan Henskee, Daniel Ronnstam, Fred Shuman * Ideas that the Ark of the Covenant and/or The Holy Grail were held at Montsegur, then moved to Rennes-le-Chteau, then to Scotland, then to Oak Island were supported by Kathleen Mc Gowan and Tobi Dobler.Knights Templar historian Helen Nicholson has pointed out that such theories have no basis in fact.* The earliest Oak Island Money Pit theory was the treasure of Captain Kidd (1857).The much later Knights Templar theory was first advanced by Fred Nolan with his discovery of a megalithic Templar cross (1981) and later by Michael Bradley (1988) and Andrew Sinclair (1992) Forbidden History 2:2, The Real Holy Grail Yesterday Channel, 12 November 2014 Written and Directed by Bruce Burgess Presented by Jamie Theakston HSP Ltd Production/Like A Shot Entertainment Ltd/UKTV Featured Alan Butler, Andrew Gough, Lionel Fanthorpe, Clive Prince, Graham Phillips, Lynn Picknett, Gerald Morgan, Nigel Jones, Fiona Mirylees, Rob Howells, Brett Harrison, Canon Jaime Sancho * Thomas Wright's small stone vessel (the Hawkstone Grail), The Nanteos Cup, Shugborough Hall's Shepherd's Monument, The Santo Caliz in Valencia, Spain are each considered to be The Holy Grail despite it originating within fiction, within Medieval Romance The Da Vinci Code: The True Story Channel 5, 13 October 2013 Blink Films/LOOKS production for Channel 5, in collaboration with Smithsonian Channel, Discovery Europe, ZDF in collaboration with Arte and BBC Worldwide Directed and Produced by Paul Nelson Executive Producers Dan Chambers, Andra Heritage Narrated by Mark Bazeley Featured Todd Hallowell, The Revd Robin Griffith-Jones, Professor Elaine Pagels, Mario Taddei, Cecilia Frosinini, Professor John Langdon, Professor Maryanne Wolf, Jean-Luc Chaumeil, Nick Boyes, Stuart Mitchell, John Stuart Reid The American Templars, 12 October 2013 Adaptation of the 2009 Novel by David S.Comment labb Saunire a t financ par les Habsbourg (archive footage dating from 1985 of Henri Buthion giving one of his lectures in Saunires estate) 3) 1907-1970: Rennes-le-Chteau, de labb Saunire nos jours.

Tabor, Simcha Jacobovici, Felix Golubev, Professor Rami Arav, Walter Klassen, Professor Robin Jensen, Bill Tarant, Dr James Charlesworth * Documentary examined another first century Talpiot Tomb discovered in 1981, using maneuverable robotic arms holding cameras. It was claimed Talpiot was an estate that belonged to Joseph of Arimathea.Rosslyn Chapel: A Treasure In Stone BBC Four (BBC Cymru/Wales), 4 October 2010 Directed and Produced by Wayne Derrick Executive Producer Ludo Graham Presented by Lady Helen Rosslyn Featured Nicolas Boyes, Julian Russell, Brian Park, Marcus Paine, Greg Siddells, Professor Richard Fawcett (co-author, Melrose Abbey), Philippe Giraud * Commendable Mastermind, Champion of Champions, Episode 3 BBC 2, 4 August 2010 Director, Derek Hallworth Producer, Jon Kelly Question Master, John Humphrys Contestant, David Edwards (Retired Teacher, former Winner 1990) Specialist Subject Matter, The Mystery of Rennes-le-Chteau Rennes-le-Chteau: Le Documentaire Exclusif, 19 June 2010 Directed by David Galley Via Media Production (SPIC Rgie Tourisme Rennes-le-Chteau) Featured Germain Blanc-Delmas, Jean Brunelin, Antoine Captier, Claire Corbu, Jean Fouri, Philippe Goloubenko, Joseph Huillet, Henry Lincoln, Henri Mariou, Alexandre Painco Bonus Features: Interview: Henry Lincoln Le Chteau Mysterieux Les Lieux Secrets * Official Release Mystical Legends, 2009 Produced, Directed and Edited by Carrie Kirkpatrick Introduced and hosted by Carrie Kirkpatrick Divine Productions Featured Andrew Gough, Patrice Chaplin, Assumpcion Hosta, Luis The Wolf Cabbalists Caroline Robertson, David V.Barrett, Gareth Medway, Jon Randall, Carole Hart, Debbie Gallagher * About Patrice Chaplins 2007 book City of Secrets that has been dismissed as a work of fiction by Enric Mirambell, the official historian of Girona The Holy Grail: Bloodlines And Secrets, 2009 World Wide Multi Media Featuring Rat Scabies (Chris Millar), Andrew Gough, Philip Gardiner, Philip Coppens * Product manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media Templiers: De l'Histoire La Lgende, September 2009 English Title: The Knights Templar: From History To Legend Directed by David Galley Narrated by Bernard Lanneau English Narrator Graeme Kirk France 3 Lorraine Champagne-Ardenne/Via Media Production Featured Frdric Lenoir, Jean Markale, Thierry Leroy, Aymeric Kurzawinski, Jean-Patrick Pourtal, Gino Sandri, Lionel Fanthorpe, Richard Kemp, Joel Doucet, Danny Hennigar, Bernard Delacourt * Dedicated To Jean-Luc Robin (1949-2008) Holy Grail In America The History Channel (Produced by Committee Films LLC for History, A&E Television Networks), 20 September 2009 Directed and Edited by Andy Awes Written by Maria Awes Narrated by James Lurie Featured Dr Alice Kehoe, Dr Anatoly Liberman, Darwin Ohman, Scott Wolter, Tom Trow, Florian Ledermann, Dr James Scherz, Alan Butler, Simon Brighton, Erling Haagensen, Steven Sora, Ashley Cowie, Evan Pritchard, Niven Sinclair, Carmen Legge, David Brody, Dr Virginia Kimball, Dr Bruce Bourque, Roslyn Strong, Dr William Penhallow, Suzanne Carlson, Akram Elias * An Epic of Pseudo-History: assortment of discredited modern myths involving The Kensington Rune Stone, The Spirit Pond Rune Stones, The Westford Knight, The Newport Tower, The Templars discovering America, The Templar Treasure Fleet at La Rochelle, The Templars excavating Solomon’s Temple, The Templars and Astronomical Alignments, The Templars holding the Secrets of Moses, The Templars and Robert The Bruce, The Templars and Freemasonry, The Oak Island Money Pit, Prince Henry Sinclair discovering America, The Zeno Brothers and Prince Henry Sinclair * That Christopher Columbus was not the first person to discover America is not a disputed fact among academic historians as repeatedly claimed on this documentary * The success of Holy Grail In America inspired the series America Unearthed that premiered on 21 December 2012 (produced by Committee Films of Chaska, Minnesota) The Descendants of Jesus: Tracing The Family of Christ Through The Ages World Wide Multi Media, 3 September 2009 * Jesus married Mary Magdalene and they had children.King, Professor Anne Marie Luijendijk, Professor Roger Bagnall, Father Henry Wansbrough, The Reverend Robin Griffith-Jones, Dr Verena Lepper, Dr Dirk Obbink, Professor Giovanni Maria Vian, Dr James Mc Cullagh, Professor Alberto Camplani Templars' Lost Treasure, 29 July 2012 National Geographic Channel Directed and Written by David Galley UK Version Directed and Written by Tim Versteegen Narrator Trevor Nichols Via Media Production Featured Sean Martin, Helen Nicholson, Aymeric Kurzawinski, Jean Patrick Pourtal, Gino Sandri, Lionel Fanthorpe, Richard Kemp, Joel Doucet, Danny Hannigar * Nobody knows who commissioned Nicolas Poussin to paint the version of Les Bergers d'Arcadie that is in the Louvre the documentary was wrong claiming otherwise Ancient X-Files: Mary Magdalene Mystery (Season 2, Episode 10) National Geographic Channel/WAG TV Ltd., 3 July 2012 Producer Director Rory Griffin Narrated by Chris Porter Featured Margaret Starbird, Sabine Affre, Paul Sanda (presented as a Cathar Archbishop), Professor Barrie Wilson (Humanities and Religious Studies, York University, Toronto), Dr Helen Bond (School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh), Jeremy Pine, Brother Thomas (Chapel of St Mary Magdalene, St-Baume) * Shot in St Maximin, Bziers, Cordes-sur-Ciel, Jerusalem, Megiddo, Caesarea, Marseilles, California, Sainte-Baume and Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer the documentary is a vehicle of Margaret Starbird who can see a pregnant Mary Magdalene everywhere (the clues are all around her) Rennes-le-Chteau: Le Secret des Blanchefort, June 2012 Pgase/Mdia Objectif 1) Jean Pellet: Cinquante ans de recherches.Je sais a est cach le trsor (Interview with Jean Pellet who uncritically repeats the story of Rennes-le-Chteau) 2) Henri Buthion: Le secret des Blanchefort.about The Da Vinci Code, Rennes-le-Chteau, The Priory of Sion, Rosslyn Chapel, Shugborough Hall, The Knights Templar etc have all been been made differently specifically aimed at different categories of audiences, thus making generalisation impossible.The Dan Brown interviewed by Stephen Sackur about his novel, Origin HARDtalk, BBC 2 (Newsnight), 23 October 2017 Producer, Nik Sindle Editor, Carey Clark * Dan Brown gives his 2017 position on The Priory of Sion Forbidden Knowledge: Aliens, Templars and Sacred Monoliths Sector Five Films/Bayview Entertainment, 2017 * The Merovingians were descended from an ancient race of fallen angels that spanned the globe, taking wisdom and knowledge with them as Atlantis sank. Season One, Episode Six Produced and Directed by Gary Johnstone Narrated by Corey Johnson Nutopia for Cable News Network (CNN) - Time Warner Featured David Gibson; Professor Elaine Pagels; Professor Ben Witherington III; Professor Candida Moss; Professor Mark Goodacre; Professor Byron R.The Chase (Season 3, Episode 12) H2 (A & E Networks), 24 January 2015 Series Producer Maria Awes Directors Andy Awes, Josh Thacker Executive Producers Andy Awes, Maria Awes Hosted by Scott Wolter (The history that were all taught is wrong) Featured Bill Carney, Butch Laney, Steve St Clair, Alan Butler * Recapping all the old chestnuts about how the Knights Templar took the secret of the Jesus Bloodline to America, adding that it was linked to Leonardo da Vinci.Religious paintings and sculptures in the Templar Commanderie d'Arville bear unnatural M-shaped hand gestures that are coded symbols representing the secret.A traditional statue of Virgin Mary and Child is really that of Mary Magdalene and Jesus' child.A sculpture in the French church of Saint-Remi depicts a pregnant Mary Magdalene Biblical Conspiracies 4: Bride of God The Discovery Channel UK, 8 January 2015 Originally shown on The Science Channel (US) Director and Executive Producer Simcha Jacobovici Narrated by Ron White Science Channel and Vision TV/Zoomer Media/AP Codebreakers Productions Ltd Featured Simcha Jacobovici, Professor Tony Burke, Michael B.

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