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It drops to 35% between the ages of 40-44, and to 31% for the 45-49 age bracket.

As late as 1980, the Central Bureau of Statistics didn’t even list “divorced” as a category for family status; offering only “single” or “not single.” This drives home the fact that at that time, divorce was still on the margins.

“Internet dating sites create an illusion of getting closer to people but really it creates alienation. When I used to keep a running tally I think I went out with well over 60 guys and the conclusion I’ve drawn about Internet dating is that it reflects exactly what you would find if you weren’t using the Internet.

Today, at least one in four women of that age is unattached. Reflecting trends in the West, Israel is also witnessing a sharp rise in the divorce rate. Oz Almog, a sociologist from the Israel Studies Department at Haifa University, told The Media Line.

“A few years ago being divorced was a disgrace, shameful. Now, in America, one out of every two couples is divorced. “Having a lasting marriage is becoming abnormal, and that’s no joke.

In June 2009, Tel Aviv’s municipality and various LGBT organizations advertised a campaign on the website, promoting Tel Aviv’s Pride Parade for tourists.

Since its launch, Atraf has supplied its users with updated information on various LGBT events and parties in Tel Aviv and all over Israel.

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