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Instead of the subject, she, as the female, is the artist and photographer.

Not only does she aim to change gender stereotypes, as a Middle Eastern woman she also fights Eastern vs. The hologram-like feel of her photos bring the viewers back a few decades to the 1970s, and the jewels on the women sparkle to emphasize their femininity.

The preparatory shooting to develop and build the proper composition, such as applying make-up and staging, is also intricately planned.

Seemingly, it’s the background story of the image that has more meaning than the actual image itself.

We aimed to evaluate the association between sex and hospitalization characteristics in psychotic disorders.

We identified all acute hospitalizations, between 20, for psychotic disorders in patients younger than 45 and older than 55 years ( *Beer Yaakov-Ness Ziona Mental Health Centre, Beer Yaakov, Israel; †Women's Mental Health Program, Women's College Hospital, Toronto, Canada; ‡Clinical Research Center, Soroka Medical Center, Beer Sheva, Israel; §Psoriatic Arthritis Program, Center for Prognostic Studies in the Rheumatic Diseases, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada; ∥Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv; and ¶Psychiatry Clinic, Herzelia, Israel. Strous, MD and Zipora Dolev, MD, contributed equally to this work.

In the arts, gender and sexuality are no longer taboos and gay artists openly address them.

, curated by Lars Schwander and Liza Fetissova at the Russian Tearoom Gallery, is one of the steamiest photography exhibitions in Paris at the moment.It was launched as part of the “Off” festival during the Month of Photography, and is still on show until 9 January 2011.This group show explores the blurry lines between love and lust, erotic art and pornography, sensuality, fetishism, transexuality, seduction, desire, and more.Contextually speaking, Adi Nes draws inspiration from his upbringing in the southern town of Kiryat Gat.He is also inspired by the collective Israeli memory and universal art history.Armed with a camera, Gershuni has traveled far and has had many unbelievable experiences.Despite his extensive experience and travels, the feeling of emptiness, almost futility, is vivid in his photographs.Uri Gershuni has two shows running concurrently until late August 2015. Her work moves between photos of remote nature, female nudity and delicate females portraits – all floating in soft, romantic light.Her portraits of her female family members from Iraq aim to reverse traditional gender roles.Although they all capture figures, mainly portraits and mainly of the same sex as the artist, one cannot assume their work is similar. He chose photography as his artistic medium, almost in opposition of his parents’ choices.He is the son of a well-known painter, Moshe Gershuni, and sculptor and jewelry designer Bianca Eshel Gershuni. Parallel to the journey into the obscurity of the history of photography, Uri’s work also shows a constant journey into the inner-self.

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