Implications of online dating

…whilst addressing regulatory challenges Regulators across the world have sought to regulate dating services, as they try to protect the growing number of individuals that use them.Mainstream sites such as e Harmony and, alone, have 20 million and 17 million worldwide users respectively.(3) However, revenue has slightly decreased in the same period.A Leading Dating uk study (4) points at two causes: the migration to social dating platforms and improved consumer protection regulations.

The law sets out specific obligations for international dating sites, including the requirement that marital background checks are run on men and submitted to women in a language they understand.

The industry decided to self-regulate and created a Code of Practice.

As George Kidd, Director and Chief Executive at the ODA, explains: “ This has been an important step towards creating a regulatory framework that addresses the challenges that the sector faces as it grows.

A study by online dating website e Harmony has found that more than half of their users already use smartphones to access the service.

Mobile dating (or location-based) apps, such as Tinder or OK Cupid, have seen their user numbers rise exponentially.

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