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Particularly notable is the inclusion of leashes on some dogs, the earliest known evidence in prehistory.

The leashing of dogs not only shows a high level of control over hunting dogs before the onset of the Neolithic, but also that some dogs performed different hunting tasks than others.

Though the depicted dogs are reminiscent of the modern Canaan dog, it remains unclear if they were brought to the Arabian Peninsula from the Levant or represent an independent domestication of dogs from Arabian wolves.

A substantial dataset of 147 hunting scenes shows dogs partaking in a range of hunting strategies based on the environment and topography of each site, perhaps minimizing subsistence risk via hunting intensification in areas with extreme seasonal fluctuations.

Here we document the earliest evidence for dogs on the Arabian Peninsula from rock art at the sites of Shuwaymis and Jubbah, in northwestern Saudi Arabia.

Hunting scenes depicted in the rock art illustrate dog-assisted hunting strategies from the 7th and possibly the 8th millennium BC, predating the spread of pastoralism.

The arrow point end blade proved to be quite a find, though.

"This is one of the oldest copper elements that we ever found in the Yukon," Hare said.

Hare says it's made of a copper nugget and is 99.9 percent pure. The Carcross/Tagish First Nation's heritage consultant Jennifer Herkes says the find supports the oral traditional knowledge elders have passed on.Whether for visiting family and friends, a country getaway, celebrating a special occasion, staying on business or looking for a meeting venue, we have the facilities to meet your needs.Our individual approach to hospitality ensures an unforgettable stay.Hare says he can only guess how long it took the hunter to make the copper arrowhead."When you look at how much work that went into making this arrow point, it probably represents two weeks of work on somebody's part," he said.But in fact, for almost 8,000 years First Nation hunters in the Yukon were using the throwing darts, the Atliatli," said Hare."Then all of a sudden there was quite a sharp change in the technology, for whatever reason.Hare was travelling with a documentary film crew over the ice patches near Carcross, Yukon, in July 2016 when they spotted some caribou on a hillside.Hare had been showing the crew some of sites where he and other archaeologists have been finding ancient First Nations hunting weapons over the last 20 years."They act as kind of a physical tangible evidence of the links to the past.They support all of the traditional knowledge and the stories the elders share about the connection to the land and the connection to their neighbours," she said.

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