Han hyo joo dating 2016

he saves that for competition as seen in a new batch of shooting stills where I still can’t get over the orange safety glasses and eye patch look.

The drama and the lead stars Lee Jong Suk, Han Hyo Joo, and main antagonist Kim Ui Sung received love and appreciation from audiences.

Rumours began to surface that the two lead stars are finally dating for real.

Adding to this, were evident to fans and the photo was taken to be a confirmation of rumours.

On screen, the romance is getting deeper between Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo and there are rumours that the pair has been dating in real life as well.

From script reading to filming of recent episodes, there are some romantic clips which show that the two stars gel up well.

She apologized to actress Han for giving her the hardest character to play, Soompi reported.

He will start shooting in October, exactly a month after "W: Two Worlds" filming ended last Sept. He also said that filming "W: Two Worlds" is harder than any drama he had ever been., and in slightly twisty I mean reality bending and likely mind blowing.New stills showing Han Hyo Joo freaking out upon meeting Lee Jong Seok is fantastic, showing the energetic side of her character and also laying the foundation that she’s in the real world meeting with a character she believes to be fictionally drawn but is suddenly flesh and blood before her.Lee Jong-Suk recently became a model for In Style, a leading Korean fashion magazine.Lee, who started his career as a model, reminisced his first acting breakthrough in 2014 drama "Pinocchio." The drama helped propel his popularity and led to rumors that he's dating co-star Park Shin-Hye, despite dismissing that as merely rumors.But since he believed about the turning point, he consider the hard work as worthwhile for him personally.Meanwhile last Tuesday, writer Song Jae-Jung held a press conference in Seoul regarding the MBC drama she wrote.The slap is more to see if he’s real, and the subsequent little girl-esque freak out is akin to me if I ever met Lee Jong Seok for real and he was standing in front of me.Thankfully Lee Jong Seok doesn’t have his gun around as a former Oympic gold medalist sharpshooter."After 'Pinocchio' I tried to cool down for one year to let it all sink in.But when I started 'W,' I believe this this will be another turning point for my career," he said in an interview with Naver as translated into English.

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