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He’s never a guy who never fails but a man who’s failed more than the rest.He’s failed harder, gone to greater depths, put himself in uncomfortable situations and felt the thrill of pure adventure, or years of hustle, and has developed the grit that can only be acquired by persistence and a refusal to accept that his life is determined by others or circumstance but by him, his actions, and his spirit.My plea, or my request, is that you venture down the hard road, the road where you try things, new things, difficult things, things that take years to create and can only be fueled by true passion.Try the things that your soul calls you to attempt, the missions that your heart strings tug at you to embark on, and fail.Put everything you have in to something and fail, for failure is never the end but a wrong turn we made thinking it was the right turn or a bump in the road that we have to experience to learn how to arrive at our destination and to appreciate our destination. Thus, being born into wealth isn’t a blessing and not something that should be viewed with envy but an even harder road to toughness and grit.To make the choice to venture down the road of failure if you’re surrounded by nets of safety takes even greater courage and greater self-awareness.

Rise and fall on your own but never be so ignorant to think that you’ve climbed to where you are or where you will be merely with our own hands and feet.

So those of us who aren’t born into wealth, we have it easy.

The choice is almost made for us so rejoice in this fact and don’t abuse this gift by following a path that you feel is already laid out for you, a path of mediocrity.

As you ascend, as a man, as a guy with a brain and at least an ounce of self-awareness, reach your hand down and help others to pick themselves up and ascend as well.

This is the alpha male we all aim to be, this is the warrior, the leader.

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