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Creating an environment that accepts and encourages individualism, diversity and free self-expression.

Ultimately it is the crowd above all that generates the energy and atmosphere of an event, and the TG crowd is the most diverse, radically dressed up and cutting edge crowd in the world wide scene. At TG the crowd are the stars and everyone is a celebrity, but famous visitors have included Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Tease, Alexander Mc Queen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Boy George, Katie Price, Courtney Love & Marc Almond.

In recent years numbers attending each month vary depending on the season and so TG uses a variety of venues to suit the scale and also to keep the experience fresh and changing, from 1919 World War I ship HMS President moored on the Thames, returning to the Electrowerkz and Ministry of Sound, and celebrating its 4 biggest events of the year at 9 room, 2500 capacity Coronet Theatre.

100 people came to the first event at the Opera On The Green venue in a shopping precinct in Shepherds Bush on a Wednesday night, but by the 5th there were 500 and it was rammed!Other important TG venues included the Leisure Lounge before it found its longest home at converted Church venue Mass from the late 90's until 2013.In 2002 & 2003 TG celebrated its Birthday event with 2500 people at London's massive Brixton Academy, and then expanded its Valentines, Halloween and Birthday Balls to massive 2600 sell out events at 7 room Se One until the venue closed in 2010.As the crowd grew from 700 to 1200 this was TG's most innovative and original period as there was an explosion of talent and creativity in the scene.Fetish was now fashionable and more acceptable to the mainstream, and it never looked back.TG's multi-dimensional events cater equally for a huge range of open-minded individuals from young fashionable clubber to alternative arty weirdo, burlesque cabaret fan to sophisticated SM regular.Providing something every-body from any age group (18-60 ), sexual orientation and gender.From tabloid to channel 4, fetish was now generally depicted in a positive light.In the 2000’s it seems that everyone knows someone that's been to Torture Garden and it's generally becoming acceptable.We chose it more because of the exotic and mysterious images that it evoked, rather than the specific novel itself.From the beginning we often shortened Torture Garden to TG, because it was shorter and didn't scare the Bank manager!

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