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The idea of course is that the Priest has cards that allow them to put this knowledge into their own favour instead of their opponent's although it no doubt can backfire. Yeah well I'm going to treat myself and get a 5 mana version for myself, thanks.If you play a second copy of this card the decks will go back to being the right way around which may sound unhelpful, but if you're in a tight spot and you don't want them to top deck what they are about to/need to dig into other parts of your deck then it is a worthwhile last ditch attempt. Idea: A sort of Unstable Portal/Far Sight ish card that doesn't draw the card for you but does discount a specialised card from your deck and place it on top so that you can tap into it.Idea: Stats are very competitive but this is the kind of card necessary to make Inspire cards more viable.I think this is a reasonable attempt to reconcile where TGT fell short.However this means its downside is likely to make it worse in zoo which I'm totally ok with.If you can avoid its then it's hella scary even if very rng reliant.I will of course also be happy to look at your own creations if you wish.Fan creations can be exciting foreshadowing for future themes and it's nice to hear about the inspiration behind cards. Anyway, here is the summary for my expansion: Bad Omens: Big Rod (Shaman Weapon Equipped by Small Orc): Tormented Hatchling (Summoned by Nythendra): 2 Additional Dream Cards (these cards add to the 5 existing dream cards in the pool to allow for 7 possible outcomes instead of 5, thus giving more variety in what you can grab): - Changed Emerald Eviscerator from a 5/2 to a 6/2 and changed its Mana Cost from 6 to 8.- Added Demon tag to the Satyr.- Made Jadefire Satyr neutral instead of Mage.- Reduced the Weapon buff from 2 to 1 for Satyr Dualist as it looked too cancerous for face decks.

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However there is another card in this set that synergises with it so you should get a better idea of the potential.Idea: It doesn't discard (I suppose I could have said discard but Warlocks have a ridiculous amount of discard synergy, wanted to make something fresh) but chances are it will improve each card it replaces quite considerably given the power level of dream cards. However if you just get a normal 1 or 2 cost minion alongside what is essentially just a stealthed beast wisp then you're going to be very sad.Very solid card that protects you can improves the quality of your hand. I think this card is usable in decks that dedicate to this strategy or hold this rather than just relying on mindless aggression.Idea: Guarantees a solid curve in the early game (a little like Jeweled Scarab) but is underwhelming at any other point.Would be interesting to have in the common slot for Arena more than anything else.Idea: Guarantees your old god is around when you hit the sweet turn 10 spot.Keeps Old God decks from getting stale perhaps, although you lose a lot of stats for this powerful ability, plus if you draw this after your 10 cost minion(s) then you'll probably be quite sad.Idea: Warlocks often don't want their battlecries on their demons and this expansion gives them a Card Batch 2 - Posted 1/12/16 In this update, I am showing off new themes for Priest and Warlock alongside some neutral minions.First stop, a Priest archetype which turns each deck upside down (As inspired by Convulsion of Nature in Yugioh)!Idea: The idea of being able to single Legendary Dragons out of your deck just seems pretty badass to me so why the hell not?It's befitting of the weapons style, name and theme. Feel like it fills the same kind of slot Brann does in a Forecast heavy deck.

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