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She looked around and saw that her roommates were still asleep.She was a bit relieved about the fact that they were all heavy sleepers.She calmed herself down and turned around trying to get back to sleep but not succeeding. ”“Maybe you should talk to Professor Snape” Crabbe suggested.“You think he’d help?She silently climbed out of her bed and grabbed one of her favorite sweaters (one of Draco’s sweater), and made her way out of her dorm. ” Draco asked them.“He can’t do any worse damage” Blaise pointed out. ” Draco asked him.“Crabbe and Goyle heard Millicent Bulstrode and Pansy talking about it.She was breathing heavily and she felt tears running down her cheeks.She had had the worst nightmare she could ever recall having.

“Now it’s perfect, though” she said making him smile as he kissed her forehead. Just after he said that Blaise, Crabbe and Goyle walked into the Hospital Wing.“(Y/N)! ” Goyle said happily as they walked over to the girl’s bed.“Glad to see you all better” Blaise said smiling at her.“We brought you something” Crabbe said handing her an enormous amount of chocolate.“Thanks guys” she smiled gratefully at the guys. ”“Everything.”“Anything for my favorite girl” Draco said before giving her another peck on the lips.

A/N: hello dearies, here comes another (awesooome) request : DRequest: Anonymous said: Can I please get a Draco one where its 5th yr & we’ve been dating since 4th, but Pansy still isn’t over him?

So shes always throwing sly insults at me & my responses are usually sharper, but one day I hit her where it hurts& she slips me a potion that causes nightmares.

Draco opened his arms and wrapped them around his girlfriend.“Shh, it’s alright” he whispered. ”“The D-Dark L-Lord w-wanted you to k-kill m-me” she said between cries. “B-but you didn’t d-do i-it so he k-killed you r-right in f-front o-of me” she said crying again. Since she wasn’t sleeping, she was grumpy during the day. She was jumpy and cranky even the Professors were starting to notice.“It’s alright, love” Draco tried to comfort her.“No! They didn’t seem mad, though, they looked confused and worried.“What’s going on? He suddenly felt (Y/N)’s breathing beginning to slow and he noticed the girl was asleep in his arms. “You see, she’s been having nightmares lately and I think they’re getting worse” he began.“You came in here to tell me that your girlfriend is having nightmares? “Nightmares are a very common thing, Malfoy-““She’s been having them for the past two weeks” Draco blurted out. “Sorry, Professor” he said looking at Professor Snape with an arched eyebrow. ” Blaise said once Professor Snape was out of sight.“No bloody way” Draco said between clenched teeth.(Y/N) opened her eyes feeling an enormous relief for the first time in two weeks.

Draco pulled away just a little so he could see her but (Y/N) pulled him back to her. ” she begged as more tears fell from her eyes.“I won’t love” Draco assured her kissing her forehead. ” Blaise asked sleepily.“Um, (Y/N) had a nightmare, is all” Draco said still rubbing his hand on her back.“Mate, she’s been sneaking in for like two weeks” Goyle pointed out. She looked exhausted.“Draco, I don’t think that’s normal” Blaise said concerned. No nightmares.“Hey, gorgeous” she turned around to see Draco smiling at her, sitting on a chair next to her. ”(Y/N) sat up slowly and smiled brightly at her boyfriend.

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