Djokovic and ivanovic dating

The commentators mentioned this year that he did have a girfriend who is a student (college, I would assume), so she's not able to travel and Nadal is 'private' anyway. There's no real great evidence either way."Federer has a fat girlfriend?

"Mirka, his girlfriend and manager, is up and down.

Nadal does seem straight to me, but Anna Wintour's best bud, Fed, is creeping up on my gay suspect list. I think the speculation is becausue there is really no proof of heterosexuality either - never had a girlfriend and is really religious thus has an excuse not to have a girlfriend because he wants to be "pure."He may have a girlfriend now, I don't know.As Ana Ivanovic continues to roll through the competition at the 2015 French Open, she’s fortunate enough to have the support of one of the most successful athletes in the world: German footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger.With yet another Bundesliga title wrapped up for Bayern Munich, Schweinsteiger has had the time to accompany his girlfriend in Roland Garros, where he has been spotted in Ivanovic’s box for all of her matches.She has a naturally chubby face even when she's slimmer.All the big tennis pros have agents who handle their publicity.It seems like a very insular place(no not imbred) and the girlfriend lives there. As the article states he says he doesnt have a girlfriend, but he does.Seriously, it is hard to get a woman to hang out with you all year on tour. Enough of a tennis nerd to post often on tennis message boards.Kevin Spacey, Barcelona's Gerard Jan 19, 2014 ...Australian Open 2014: Serena Williams shocked by Ana Ivanovic while Novak Djokovic powers on against Fabio Fognini. The home crowd celebrated with Ivanovic, who has been known as “ Aussie Ana” here since she started dating Adam Scott, the Australian golfer.Speaking as a woman, no way in hell would I spend my days watching tennis. The topic has been brought up, usually by teenage Federer fans trying to get Nadal fans worked up. BTW, Fed gay rumors surface nearly as often if not moreso.But, it has also been discussed seriously, but there is, obviously, no definitive equation. From his "fashion" choices, to his fat girlfriend, it's also juvenile backand forth.

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