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In the last two years, three rock shelters have been discovered near Tom Price in the Pilbara that all show occupation around 40,000 years ago and are considered by experts to be of very high archeological significance.

The most recent rock shelter in the Brockman Ranges measures 13m wide by 7m deep and has a ceiling height of up to 4m.

The current system is weighted very much in favour of the miners.

This research project is aimed at understanding the process of remagnetization and its relationship with geological processes, and formed part of a larger program on the natural remanent magnetisation (NRM) in sedimentary rocks as a record of the Earths magnetic field led by Dr. This project was part of the Pilbara study group at the Structural Geology Department of Utrecht University (Prof. In addition, a structural and geochemical study of one of the major gold mines in the eastern Pilbara, the Bamboo Creek Deposit, showed that gold mineralization occurred prior to ca. David Groves at the University of Western Australia.

Stan White) and the Isotope Lab of the Free University in Amsterdam (Dr. The timing of these events has been established by a combination of 40Ar/39Ar dating of hornblende and U-Pb SHRIMPII dating of zircons. 3.3 Ga, and was related to deformation of carbonate altered boudins in an, originally komatiitic, shear zone. The Pilbara and Kaapvaal Craton are the only two remaining pristine early Archean terrains.

The Ardennes form part of the Variscan foreland fold and thrust belt in Western Europe.

Devonian/Carboniferous units of low metamorphic grade in the Ardennes have been shown to contain at least two remagnetised NRM components: a low-temperature post-folding component and a pre-folding high-temperature component(Molina Garza and Zijderveld, 1996).

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