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The song is included in a compilation album called “Broken Hearted Woman” and propelled the album to 3 million mark in sale. It was quite phenomenal in the international music scene, considering it happened 6 years ago when international music was not as a big market in Thailand as today.The success of the song was also witnessed by more than 30 local artists doing cover version of “Broken Hearted Woman” in Thai.Ironically, the Chichiquita song may do more to catapult Jessica Jay to fame than her previous dance songs. Occasionally I do casual Internet detective work to locate people, and I savor the challenge.I heard the song first in 1996 and had no idea how to find the song when I wrote a former student, Ermelinda Gjika and asked her if she knew anything.She immediately knew the singer “Jessica Jay” and even mailed me a copy of a cassette to me at my new job in Ukraine.I was so grateful for her help, but I think Ermelinda didn’t know much more about the singer than the name.

Who knows–maybe Jessica Jay is working under our noses disguised as a normal person. I’m really looking forward to finding out the real story.Cody points out below an update on the SAIFAM website.Amazingly, the bio uses the word “I” several times.For this post, I invite other people searching on google to add information (maybe even Jessica Jay herself! Here is what I know so far: Up until two I have two working theories: First, perhaps Jessica Jay is a Philipino who sings in English (and somehow managed to make inroads in Thailand and get her song put on a Eurodance CD).Second, Jessica Jay is a woman from Spain who sang in English for marketing reasons (Perhaps she married a Phillipino man? She retired in the late 1990s and only restarted her career a few months ago.But he was born in England, traveled all throughout Eastern Europe and then produced the song in 1994 in Indonesia, then had it become an international hit sung by a Philipino singer named Maribeth.Purely by coincidence another singer from that region does a cover version of the song which happens to be a hit in the same region Colin Bass traveled extensively in.I’m not saying the paths of these two singers have crossed, but it would bolster the theory that Jessica Jay is from Philipines/Thailand (and certainly not from Europe). According to a person commenting, Jessica Jay is a “disco concept,” with Italo-disco star Dora Carofiglio providing the female vocals. Update: Simon says this photo is of the wrong person.Note to commenters: If you came here through a search engine, I would love to hear where you are from in the world and when you heard her songs!They allegedly have a popup page for “Jessica Jey”. Often these kinds of cassettes/cd’s contain generic photos of pretty dancers, but let’s assume it’s correct right now.May 30 Update #2: Ebay Philipines auction for the latest Jessica Jay CD. The “Jessica Jay” is from Thailand is now the default theory (but I notice that it’s also available on Warner Brothers Singapore, so maybe the nationality isn’t important).

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