Dating questions to ask your boyfriend

Knowing the right question to ask is therefore key in getting to know your boyfriend better.

While questions gives you an excellent opportunity to get to know your boyfriend, it also helps you to deepen your relationship with your boyfriend.

Much as questions helps build relationship, not all questions are same. When did you have your first kiss and what was the experience like? Do you like foul play before sex and is it something you would try with me? Would you ever take a bath with me and would it lead to sex?

In fact there are questions that have potentials to destroy a relationship.

We have put together 100 questions to ask your boyfriend. Do you still keep in touch with Your Ex and is an issue with you if I’m still in touch with my Ex?

Use only two to three questions per date night, and really talk about the answers in depth.

They range across various domains, including romance, intimacy, family, career, and many others.

We give you some questions that will give you at least a little easier to start. The answer to it can help you see who you’re dealing with. There are many questions to ask, among other things, what are the most annoying human qualities; does he believe in destiny and does he have a life motto.

Or, at least, give you more common topics if you are in the same musical genre. What he doesn´t tolerate in a relationship and more.

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  1. Yes, while a Mexican man may say he loves you, that he’s been waiting to meet someone like you, or that he’ll follow you anywhere, please be very skeptical if this kind of talk occurs within the first month or week of dating.

  2. They are much more straightforward, refined and in control of themselves – you won’t see them swearing, getting drunk in a nightclub or going home with someone on the first date like most British girls.