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The EB-3’s hardware also included a handrest and string mute. In addition to a Volume and Tone knob for each pickup, an unusual four-way rotary switch offered operation of the neck pickup only (position 1), both pickups (2), bridge pickup only (3), and neck pickup with “choke” (4) that produced a brighter, baritone-like sound; its circuit was similar to the pushbutton “baritone” switch on the EB-2.

Early versions had a large, black-plastic-covered humbucking pickup near the neck and a small metal-covered humbucker near the bridge. Fans of classic rock guitar know that Jack Bruce, bassist with Cream, was the most visible EB-3 player in the ’60s.

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The Gibson Serial Number Decoder currently supports 6 formats from 4 Factories.Gibson introduced its first solidbody bass guitar in 1953.Named simply the Electric Bass, it was Gibson’s response to Fender’s Precision Bass, which was released in late 1951.With its elegant violin-shaped solid mahogany body and short-scale neck, Gibson’s EB was constructed very differently from the Precision.The 1956 Gibson catalog reads: “With 20 frets on a scale length of 30 1/2", the Gibson Electric Bass has the same range as the standard bass ‘fiddle’—and the same pitch.After learning bass on an upright, he switched to a 30″-scale Fender Bass VI (six strings, tuned an octave below a standard guitar) while playing with the Graham Bond Organization, and began playing an EB-3 in the early days of Cream.“I wanted to play bass like a guitar, and you can’t do that on a regular Fender – you can’t bend the strings,” Bruce told VG in a 2002 interview.” Bruce’s improvisations were a vital part of Cream’s legendary jams, and music critics of the time did indeed apply the term “guitar-like” to his playing, as they did to that of Free’s Andy Fraser, who also played an EB-3.Other noteworthy EB-3 users in the ’60s included Big Brother & the Holding Company’s Peter Albin, and David Freiberg of Quicksilver Messenger Service.The bass pictured here has most of the typical features expected of an EB from between 19.These include, as stated in the 1958 Gibson catalog: “Solid mahogany, violin-shaped body and carved top.

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