Dating disaster stories

We were chatting away and out of the blue he told me that he lived with his ex-girlfriend in Hatfield.

He then asked where I lived and if I drove to the bar, because, and I quote, ‘If you live further away than a ten-minute drive, we can just go have sex in your car’.

Thousands of couples have gone on to live happily ever after thanks to the online dating services out there but thousands more have been given the boot at the very first date.

Blame it on human nature, but people don't always tell the truth in their profiles.

Sadder still, this didn’t deter me from going on a second date with him.

I work out at sea, and a few years ago I met up with this girl during a stop in Australia. She had a five-year-old son, so we drove to her ex-husband’s house to drop him off for the weekend.

I casually mentioned that my dad had cancer but that didn’t stop him. The worst one by far was the guy who kept calling me Rebecca, forgot his wallet and flirted with a girl at another table during our first and only date.

I met a guy on a night out, and after a lot of texting we finally went on a date at Wetherspoon.She jumped out of the car and told him I was her best friend’s cousin, and that she was giving me a lift.I’m happy she lied, because he was giving me the murder eyes as we drove off.He said it was so bad that he went to the toilet and just never came back.Every time he left for the loo, I was silently hoping he’d do the same for me.We exchanged numbers and decided to meet up a few days later. After an hour, we ended the date and I walked her home. She stopped, looked around and said: ‘I was possessed by a ghost here once.’ There was no second date. He asked if I’d like to go for a drink, so I suggested Camden Underworld.I worked there at the time and knew it would be safe if something went wrong.On the way back from our camping weekend, she told me I had to hide in a nearby town while she went back to get her son.If you watch any type of television, you've probably sat through the many e Harmony or commercials boasting their Cupid-like reputations for linking people together.She didn’t really explain why, so we had an awkward three-way date for half an hour.I popped into the toilet and when I came back out, both of them were gone.

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