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In the movie, your character is such a hopeless romantic. The romantic poets of England, the second generation of Keats, Byron and Shelley were something I got really into when I was about 16. I think there’s something in the way they write and see beauty in everything, and the possibility for beauty in everything. I wouldn’t say I’m up there with Shelley and Keates and Byron in terms of romance, but I think that’s sort of where I got my ideas of romance from. I’m not very good at living in uncertainty, and Wallace definitely is. Harry’s dating situation was all set against the backdrop that he’s going to die at any minute, so there’s probably a lot more urgency with that.

And I’m trying to remember more of Harry’s dating history now. Have you given any advice to co-star Rupert Grint, who is making his Broadway debut this fall?

And they provided him with the opportunity to work with many distinguished actors, including Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham Carter.

Radcliffe finds Oldman's and Rickman's careers particularly inspiring, telling that "They never, ever stop trying to get better and working with people they think are going to bring something new out of them." While some may wonder whether he lost a part of his youth to the fame and success of Harry Potter, Radcliffe seems to have no regrets about the nearly all-consuming project. For the most part I've been happy every single day.

I haven’t given him advice, but I can’t wait for him to come to Broadway, I’ll definitely be going to see it. It’s like someone you went to school with doing something else in a totally different context and being brilliant at it.

Daniel Radcliffe takes a stroll with his girlfriend Erin Darke on Monday afternoon (October 31) in New York City.

The series was such a success with audiences that it was renewed for a second season.

In later interviews, Radcliffe admitted that he had a drinking problem during his teens and occasionally went to film scenes as Harry Potter still drunk from the night before. The movie brought in roughly 8 million in its opening weekend. Radcliffe had to put his most famous character to rest and told Time Out New York what he would miss most about no longer playing Harry Potter.But I don’t think it will change the nature of love and relationships as much as people think it’s going to, because ultimately you still have to meet that person face-to-face. But there is a slight qualifier — probably 40-50% of what Adam Driver says is probably improvised.Zoe and I did a lot of improv — like the first diner scene — a lot of improvisation is involved in that.Daniel Radcliffe: The two genres that I can think of are romantic comedy and action, and the big thing that happens across both of those is that after we have a few really, really good ones, people sort of latch on to that, but without paying any attention to what made those films really good.And what makes any film really, really good is caring about the central characters.Radcliffe plays Wallace, a Toronto-based twentysomething who falls hard for Zoe Kazan’s Chantry, and is forced to live in a torturous will-they-won’t-they romantic limbo.The film is earning fans already, thanks to a stellar score from indie-pop fave A. Newman and critical comparisons to TIME: Do you think romantic comedies are really a dying art?The 28-year-old actress, who has been dating Daniel since 2012, recently opened up about why she's so grateful for their relationship after filming her show . Those involved with the film were in overwhelming agreement that Radcliffe would make the perfect Harry, and the books' legions of fans seemed to agree.But generally speaking, [screenwriter] Elan [Mastai’s] writing is very naturalistic and real — in the same way that the British version of ?Zoe, actually, was one of the first people to read what I’d written.

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