Cydia not updating sources

Pinch Media realized this fact, and took the lead in contacting me regarding getting this feature out there to all the users of jailbroken devices: they care.With Big Boss, we then contacted all of the other providers, getting not only their blessing, but also their technical expertise in disabling their systems.

Here you will find the top Cydia tweaks for your i Phone, i Pod Touch and i Pad.Scroll through the list, click on the Cydia tweak that intrigues you, and discover how it can make your experience easier when using your i Phone, i Pod Touch or i Pad.Note #1: We will be updating this page with the latest top Cydia tweaks when new articles are published, so make sure you come back soon!Filed under: Apple Updates, Backup, Cydia Installer, Email, i Tunes, Jailbreaking, Messaging, Music, Notifications, Organizing, Photography, Productivity, Search, Social Networking, Springboard, Themes, Troubleshooting, Tweaks, Uncategorized, Utilities Rename II is an application that allows you to easily change the name of Stock, Jailbroke and App Store applications. The application gives you three options; /Applications, Appstore Apps and About.The /Applications option lists apps that are in your /Applications folder.This is because you are heavily modifying how i OS functions.Thus, we recommended really researching each and every tweak listed in this section to see if it will be of benefit to you.Most of the tweaks we have listed link to an article specifically on that tweak for more information.Lastly, the tweaks are in no particular order, so make sure you look through them all. We actually have a dedicated page for the top Siri Cydia tweaks that you can check out.They might be a developers first tweak, when they were just learning how to get into 3rd party i OS development, or maybe it was just poorly designed and has been known to cause errors.Due to these reasons i Jailbreak has taken the time to compile some of the best Cydia tweaks in a straight forward list.

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