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Com is and has always been a 100% free adult chat site.

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Him: you are my favorite height for a woman Me: well you're a tall guy, so it's better to have a taller woman, easier to kiss her that way ;-)Him: you know me all too well already ;-)Me: hahaha Me: so, what were you doing in the alone at home chatroom? Me: or do you want to just pretend we're lovers with a house to ourselves and get started...

It's the dirty secret many adults keep hidden only in their browser history.

Today raunchy conversations within an adult chat is so common the term (Cyber Sex) itself is rarely used. Perhaps society has made men less patient and more overt about their intentions but Women have the same desires and fetishes as men.

As my crotch ever so gently begins to rub up against the bulge in your boxers Him: i slowly undo your bra revealing your beautiful breasts, I slide down your body, kising your neck, breasts, stomach, stopping at your panties, teasing you kissing your thighs, and on your panty line Him: I slowly pull down your panties, and kiss you hot wet pussy..

I lick you clit side to side and up and down, pushing inside you moving my tongue in small waves Me: i flip my body around underneath you, moving my face so it's hovering right above your boxers, and I breath hot air slowly on you through the fabric Me: before pulling them down your thighs, revealing your gorgeous cock, letting it out for air Him: i continue teasing your clit gettin more and more into the harder my cock becomes Me: i lick my lips and lightly kiss the tip of your cock, and then give it sweet little tiny kisses all the way down your shaft Me: and then I take your entire sac in my mouth and suck on it Him: i pull your legs around my head, pushing my head deep into your pussy, tasting all of your juices Him: mmmm baby it feels so good Me: i stop sucking on your sac and open my mouth, extending my tongue and licking my way back up your shaft, lubricating it with my hot wet mouth Him: oh wow babe Me: are you hard for me yet baby?

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