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Occasionally, Better as Friends and Anchored Ship also will crossover into this trope if romantic pairing change their status, voluntarily or otherwise.Before you add an example to this page, make sure it really fits the trope.Personally, I would probably drop an insta-rejection on an arrogant main character that could not back it up. The news that English actress Rosemary Leach has died at the age of 81, adds to a list of over 80 notable names from the world of entertainment, sport and politics that have died in 2017.Rosemary Leach, 81, actress Rosemary Leach was best known for her BAFTA nominated role as Helena Bonham-Carter's mother in A Room With A View and David Essex's mother in That'll Be The Day.She also starred as Grace in the BBC sitcom My Family and was twice nominated for a BAFTA award as best supporting actress.Donning a wig and deciding that the character was a “sort of supernatural, reliable uncle - good for fun and games but at the same time he knows what he’s talking about” Martin also gave his Doctor an impatience that he had fondly remembered from the interpretation of the role’s originator William Hartnell. Sean Hughes, 51, actor and comedian Sean Hughes was an Irish stand-up star, a team captain on Never Mind the Buzzcocks on BBC Two and the star of his own Channel 4 sitcom, Sean's Show.

His impressive 60-year career was augmented by a unique addition to his CV when, in 1974, he became the first actor to portray Doctor Who on stage.Hughes had a varied career, including a role in the hit film The Commitments, in which he played Dave, a talent scout for Eejit Records.The London-born Irish star also played station master Mr Perks in the award-winning London play, The Railway Children.The same-sex equivalent is Heterosexual Life-Partners. Simply being friends doesn't make a pair an example, nor does just being True Companions—rather, in terms of The Four Loves, this is Life Partners.However, there is precedent for Relationship Upgrades to occasionally happen if one or both partners realize their feelings run deeper.This is when two characters have been friends for a long time, and share a closeness like that of a married couple.Occasionally, there are individuals who assume the duo are married or dating, or try to set them up as a couple. Sometimes their sexual orientation makes them incompatible.In most cases, this is a Sub-Trope of Like Brother and Sister.The difference is that for Platonic Life Partners, their relationship with each other is the most important relationship, with even romantic relationships coming in second.The stage and screen actress won an Olivier Award in 1982 for her role in the play 84 Charing Cross Road.She died in hospital following a short illness at the age of 81.

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