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CALENDAR, LISTINGS Wayne Alan Brenner, Anne Harris, Diana Welch ASSOCIATE EDITORS NEWS Lee Nichols SCREENS, BOOKS Shawn Badgley MUSIC Darcie Stevens STAFF WRITERS Margaret Moser, Rachel Proctor May, Marc Savlov, Amy Smith, Jordan Smith CONTRIBUTING WRITERS TV EYE Belinda Acosta TCB Christopher Gray VISUAL ARTS LISTINGS Jacqueline May DAY TRIPS Gerald E. Bush, Wells Dunbar, Kate Getty, Shelley Hiam, Reena Karia, Erin Mosow, Alexis Puchek, Jess Sauer, Courtney Shelton, Jennifer Smith, Baxter Steakley, Jeff Tonn, Amy Wyant, Max Wynn ADVERTISING ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Carol Flagg SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Jerald Corder, Annette Shelton Patterson, Carolyn Phillips, Lois Richwine ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Bobby Cheatham, Lindsey Dickson, Heather Frankovis, Sandy Martinez, Daintry Orologio, Lori Whitley RETAIL OPERATIONS MANAGER Tobi White MARKETING DIRECTOR Erin Collier PROMOTIONS DIRECTOR/PERSONALS Dan Hardick PERSONALS ASSISTANT Alexis Carroll CLASSIFIEDS DIRECTOR Cassidy Frazier SENIOR CLASSIFIED ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Brian Carr, Serena Hom, Mindy Messinger LEGAL NOTICES Jessica Nesbitt CLASSIFIED ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Cindy Clarkson, Brenda Smith, Sara Staricha ADVERTISING ASSISTANTS Jerod Cykoski, William Patton NATIONAL ADVERTISING The Ruxton Group NATIONAL SALES DIR. Contact Kate Messer at the intern hotline, 454-5765 x303. /^POTTERY EXHIBIT THEAGUILAR SISTERS OF OAXACA NOV 17 THROUGH DEC. Now, there were a lot of Dave Van Ronk records floating around: Almost every multiroommate household had a couple in the various collections. But we knew about Van Ronk less because of his music and more because of his relationship with Bob Dylan.

d F Laniar) NOVEMBER 19, 2004 j THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I 7 page two by Louis Black It was typical, bitter, Northeastern a-couple-of-days-after-a-snowstorm cold. Auburn Street - it was somewhere near Harvard Square. We listened to everything and anything on the Folkways, Chess, Vanguard, and ESP labels, among many others; we read Broadside and studied album covers and record credits to find talents we didn't know. Not just because he influenced and inspired and mentored Dylan, but because he didn't seem to care about it. At first, his voice was a rasp, not even a whisper, an ugly hint of human sound.i, Sl nviiias Hftn H AM Pri M fcrin J Sdi3mliz Coin|)l«t*T 4 19^ mafl Hom Laptep batteries Hegulwly |i14» I^SB9 DELL 2,6- i Ht W Ml me aimhi Ptrrwnsion 4SS0 Intal Pantlum 4 PC Wtth CDRW ttr DVD Drtwl iynnii0 CMH Lositecit Wii«le» Keyboard FOR LAPIOPftf Optical Mousa COMPUTERS, today. Groups of 10 or more: 471-0648 THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I NOVEMBER 19, 2004 HOLIDAY ART FESTIVAL 2004 AUSTIN MUSEUM OF ART-LAGUNA GLORIA Bring your whole family to this holiday art market held on the beautiful lakeside grounds of the newly restored Austin Museum of Art-Laguna Gloria, featuring high quality work in ceramics, wood, fiber, painting, sculpture, paper, metal, jewelry, and photography.MEMORY, i- i ^ i" ^ ii^i SOFTWARE ^^^im XMM Multimedia Controls # d i J- COMPLETE COMPUTER PACKAGE gl 1^ DELL &CPil5l Pwitkna III K 450ml» iticludw 17" Monitor, Speakers Keyboard Open Every llvgirf Hriy f? The Museum Store will sell the original Laguna Gloria holiday ornament, and the Driscoll Villa will be open to visitors.The crowd eating here attested to this restaurant's popularity. 512-458-2999 Killen 2601 IH-35 (Exit 250) SE corner of 1 90 & 1 95 512-388-9600 254-634-4222 Jiappy thanksgiving!It is deserved." **** - Austin-American Statesman NOW HIRING ALL STAFF Best Buffet" 8 Years Running -Austin Chronicle Vote ^Soutt^ustin^Nortl^us^ 4608 Westgate Blvd. The Austin Chronicle will be delivered a day early - Wednesday, Nov. Make sure to pick up your paper early if you are planning to go out of town.13 of The Austin Chronicle wiii be distributed to its reguiar iocations on Wednesday, Nov. Piease see the listings and classifieds sections for that issue's early deadlines. JHANDMADE .■^^■v^.^ VODKA " i'll 1.75 L W J BOMBAY ^'T^ 1 SAPPHIRE in tfr-V SKYY ,| VODKA |h|^ herradura j " f BACARDI 1 GOLD & "v-i-lwi-" 1 ^^^^^ [CANADIAN i- - J CLUB ■ •'"™ f MONOPOIOWA '■■■ ■■I 1.75 L n H*. LIGHT 1.75 L Makers Mark 1.75 l ^^ Grand Marnier 1 l ^^ Southern Comfort 1.75 l 70° 99 Bushmills Irish Cream 750 ml .99 SS SE 10% OFF any six wines • Prices good November 19th and 20th only 8 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I NOVEMBER 19, 2004 Oraexuowr no&.([au mza£ nooo Our Ultimate Turkey Dinner adds three elegant courses to the Classic Turkey Dinner.The Chronicie office will be closed Thursday and Friday, Nov. Antipasto Appetizer Course Marinated Asparagus, Pickled Carrots, Citrus Marinated Olives, Sliced Salami, Provolone and Peppedews.9 HP Lft Mtf Jrt yboard & Mousol nowl ^ BOB SI99 □b II PII Cf Hi Hit Br All-ln-One Calor niwn Coplerp Priiitvr Altoe Lai Mliia JM2i Dell IVue Mobil B flf4B| un Br DBdband HAtrtar Regularly Omit Far Cb Ub 0' Regularly ipsd^r* Qfft H- A Bit Sound At A Very Smal T Price. I 1 AUSTIN MUSEUM of ART The festival will be held, rain or shine.Saturday, November 27, 10 am - 5 pm Sunday, November 28, 10 am - 5 pm Festival Admission: ; Museum Members . Gardens, Real and Imagined This exhibition is organized by the Austin Museum of Art and runs through September 25, 2005."Summertime is falling down and winter is closing in." Life was possibility - not simply filled with such, but possibility itself There was romance; there was love; one could be redeemed, and redemption was human, not godly; mundane, not otherworldly. I still hadn't read much or listened to enough records. Computer Medic (512) impwi IHt F Tlwnit«n Kif, WEB DESIGN I MOVERS I PC SERVICES I MAINTENANCE I PLUMBING I AIR CONDITIONING I ELECTRICAL I REMODELING I REPAIRS FACC CSTIMHTCS DIUO CONSTRUCTION i? Senior Citizen, I I Disabled, Veteran, Student | ■ .00/IHr. Corporate Rate J I Computer Pro * 323'5153 1 I Available 24 Hours A Day J Days A Week Our Services Include Anything That Can Go Wrong With Your Computer From: • Spyware • Viruses • Worms • Software • Compatibility Issues • ■Hardware Problems • Anti Virus Updates • Tune-ups • Networl^ing • Data Recovery • Refer A Friend And Get A Discount For You Or Anyone You Choose Next Time You Need A Computer Pro. (^tudio (^dkt (^Miguel INTERIOR, EXTERIOR, FAUX & MURAL PAINTING 7S1-WS []OUSESITTIN(i. ^912-9042^^ JACKSOH I "Butd 422-9206 For all your home & business needs ...I still hadn't lived enough or seen nearly the number of movies I needed to see or loved very much at all. For additional information or to view, please call Brian Kerman, Habitat Hunters, 512-630-7356. 144 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I NOVEMBER 19, 2004 SOUTH Unique studio w/ large l"°"lil2li O-23ID ^ Ma Lmikiw Vr'Vr V/ H.'nhl^ri Fip^C. J^ Custom ndclitions Remodeling 6l Repair Fence & Deck Complete Hondymon Service Coll D^lon Martin Hm: 692-9212 • Cell: 844-1415 Please see our website for a complete list of services: ujujuj.COMMAXDO House Cleaning •TOUGH ON Dm AND XUM • WEEKLY/BI-WEEKLY CLEANS •Um E CLEANING HERE TO FIGHT DIRT ANDDUSf FORYOU. Expires: 10/30/04 WEB DESIGN We design and revise clean, professional- looking websites. GENERAL HOIVIE & BUSINESS REPAIRS: ELECTRICAL, PLUIVIBING, CARPENTRY/ FRAIVIING, CABLE & PHONE, &IVIUCH IVIORE! ALLIED CONSTIUJCTIOX 79t-5083, Marl[ VOI^i STRUCTIOil BUII^T TO lu AST raajor or Ninor Commercial, Industrial, Residential Construction & Repairs.

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