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If you talk about If you are planning the evening, figure out where you want to take your date. If you are unable to learn about your date before you pick him up, don't panic. Use the information you learn on this date to plan something you know she will love.I believe that all great conversation starters with women who you would want to meet, talk to and get interested in going out the following three essential elements: The more relevant whatever you saying is to the situation, the less of a pick-up line it will sound like and the easier it will be for you to actually say it.Thus, asking for directions is better than asking “Is this bus going to….?

” If instead you sit down and start thinking about how to talk to her, not only it will become harder for you, but the chances of the same girl looking at you again and making it easier for you to start talking to her are far less likely.

You may think that it’s hard for you to start talking to a woman you might be interested in, but it’s just as hard for the girl you are trying to talk to, to engage in a conversation right away with a guy, who is a total stranger.

Allowing her to talk rather than give you a brief answer will help her relax and feel more comfortable around you.

If you find yourself stuck one message in, and you want some advice on how to spark up an interesting conversation that will tell you whether this person is worth getting offline for, read on.

Pretty much everyone loves talking about “numero uno” – so give your partner an opportunity to start gabbing away!

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