Consolidating audiobook files itunes

For the audiobooks, select the "Audiobook" option and the files should now show up in the Books section of i Tunes as audiobooks.

At this point the files should be placed in the audiobooks section in i Tunes along with the rest of your audiobooks.

I love borrowing audiobooks on CD from my local public library, but I hate how complicated it can be to transfer them onto my i Pod Touch for listening.

And don’t forget to delete the audiobook files when your library loan period is up!

While you can create playlists and use naming schemes to organize your audiobooks, this can be inconvenient, especially if you have ones purchased from the i Tunes Store that are being kept separately in the Books section.

Recently Mac Fix It reader Robin wrote in asking how to manage this problem: In i Tunes I have a lot of of audiobook recordings that are stored by default in the music section and not in the audiobook section.

Some popular options include Chapter Mark (.95), Audiobook Builder (.95), and Audiobook Binder (free).

i Tunes is a popular i OS file management tool that lets your play audio/video files and organize them in its library.

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