Consensual dating policy

Northwestern is committed to fostering an environment in which all members of our community are safe, secure, and free from sexual misconduct of any form, including, but not limited to, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, stalking, and dating and domestic violence.

This policy, which incorporates Northwestern's Policy on Sexual Harassment, exemplifies best practices under Title IX and the new Violence Against Women Act Amendments and is applicable to students, faculty, staff, and others in the Northwestern community.

For example, a College Employee may be a candidate for a position that would involve supervision of someone with whom that Employee has or has had a romantic or sexual relationship.

View the Consensual Romantic or Sexual Relationships between Faculty, Staff, and Students policy.

The Consensual Relationships Policy is published in the Dartmouth Employment Policies and Procedures Manual (PDF) and in the Dartmouth Faculty Handbook under "Policy on Instructor-Student and Staff-Student Consensual Relationships" (PDF) (p. Where a College Supervisor uses a position of authority to induce an Employee to enter into a , however, the conduct of a romantic or sexual relationship between a Supervisor and a subordinate Employee may raise issues of conflict of interest, abuse of authority, or favoritism, with potential to adversely impact not only the subordinate Employee involved in the relationship but other Employees who may see themselves as disadvantaged by the romantic relationship.

Dartmouth College is committed to maintaining a fair and professional work environment in which faculty and staff members carry out their responsibilities in an atmosphere free of conflicts of interest.

Accordingly, no Staff member shall have a romantic or sexual relationship, regardless of whether the relationship is consensual, with a student for whom that Staff member has advising, mentoring, evaluation, or student organization management responsibility.

Similarly, no Staff member shall exercise such responsibility with respect to a student with whom that Staff member has had a romantic or sexual relationship in the past, regardless of whether the relationship was consensual. Even where a Staff member does not have direct responsibility for a student as described above, romantic or sexual relationships between Staff members and students in the same school or division should generally be avoided, and schools or divisions may wish to supplement this policy as appropriate for their circumstances.

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