Chlorine 36 dating and the blue stones of stonehenge

ie=UTF8&qid=1469092383&sr=8-7&keywords=jean reinhardt kindle books#nav-subnav This was the view from our hotel window when the sun came up.

I think this will be the final post for this grand adventures.

No one wants to read about an eleven hour plane flight.

We came to Scotland with a family agenda, trying to see the world that Robyn's Dad and Grandparents lived in.

Like most of the B&B's they had an attached greenhouse for breakfast.

We did our best to find a place to eat that night using Google Maps and Trip Advisor.

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After spending so much time getting to know this beautiful country, we share a bit in their loss when we leave today.

Spell Check was not in the cards for the applications I was using and most nights my writing was reserved for right before bedtime which tended to be around midnight.

I guess I am in the same camp with Ann Morrow Linbergh who I quoted at the beginning of this blog, " the strange race of people who feel half cheated of an experience unless it is retold".

For those that have followed along reading this blog, thankyou.

I apologize now for any misspelled words, or bad grammer.

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