Today we've put together a list of a few free Android apps that tell stories in chat format, an interesting way to take advantage of the smartphone interface in a way you initially might not expect.Saying that we’ve been hooked on the Hooked mobile app ever since we’ve installed it is partially true.

And don’t keep the fun to yourself: share your favorite stories via Facebook or Twitter.You can install it free of charge and enjoy a limited number of creepy and bewitching stories you’ll get a day. As mentioned before, the app is really straightforward.It’s built around the chat stories the Hooked app delivers to its users and there’s nothing keeping you from enjoying them to a max.You have lots of stories to choose from, from trillers and love, to horor and sf.Hope someone will contact the developers, cause i've tried too.Maibe more interest for accessibility will interest them. Tap - Chat Stories is an app developed by Wattpad, the famous story-sharing app, which lets you access all of them in a fun, practical, and original way.We think it’s a very modern take on some of the things that describe the present times.This is the app’s neatest feature, we think – of course, besides it being one of a kind overall.For your first time using it, the app will serve you up with the day’s story – just go with it.Use the little owl-button in the upper right corner to filter the results.

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