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Princess Diana's lover Dodi Fayed was a cocaine fiend who trawled illegal gay clubs at dawn looking for hedonistic highs, an astonishing new book reveals.Fayed, who died in the Paris car crash with Diana almost 20 years ago, always had 'amazing coke' when he set off on his jaunts to 'dangerous' parties in abandoned buildings.

The two men became so close that they regularly went scouring illegal clubs at 5am in what was then one of the most dangerous areas of downtown New York.Dubbed the 'dawn patrol,' the duo and a posse of celebrity drug-abusers, including singers Liza Minnelli, Rick James and Joe Cocker, tennis ace Vitus Gerilaitis and Hollywood giants Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Robin Williams, John Belushi and Nick Nolte would take limos to impromptu parties in boarded-up buildings.'Dodi, son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed, who owned Harrods of London at the time, always had the most amazing coke,' Fleischman writes.Crisco Disco – named for a brand of cooking oil used as a 'popular lubricant for gay men' – was one of the posse's favorite haunts.Looking back though, they sure didn’t act that way when he got hired.With rumors of a possible pregnancy also looming, there is much pain to go around.What a slap in the face it was to all of the assistant coaches who wait years for their big break.I’m sure many around the country shook their heads when Tyler Summitt waltzed into this job. (Here is another article announcing the rebirth of LTU basketball under Tyler Summitt. ESPN W’s Lynn Olszowy wrote it in 12/2014) Let’s be real; the baby boomer’s love to spoil their kids. But in reality it’s created a very self-absorbed generation who is used to their parents paving the way.Tyler was hired because his last name was Summitt, but when he was hired, only a handful of reporters were outraged.Elzy also has been lauded for her recruiting skills which are huge at the college level.She’s helped keep Tennessee’s program afloat after Pat Summitt retired.

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