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Alternatively, it may change requests generated by Firefox just like the Modify Headers [9] extension.

They are hard to cache because even a minor change to the content will result in a cache miss.This is achieved by adding a "Accept-Delta" header whose value specifies the accepted encoding algorithms.Unlike in [8], I will allow request messages to optionally include checksums in their message-body field.Finally, the client is able to compute the up-to-date content of the resource according to its local old copy of resource and the received delta.Ideally, HTTP delta encoding can be useful if it is well supported by all the three parties commonly involved in the Web, namely web servers, browsers, and proxies.This implies that the server does not need to keep multiple versions of a resource.Response message: Corresponding to the request message, we also need a way to allow a server to specify its ability to do delta encoding. First, an added status code, say 220, is used to indicate that a response is encoded.HTTP delta encoding [6] could alleviate this problem.Instead of sending the entire resource, a web server in could send the difference (delta) between the new version and the old version of the resource to the client (could be a browser or a proxy).An alternative is to use encoding algorithms such as rsync [3] and crcsync [7].Roughly speaking, they all partition the data into chunks and compute the checksums of chunks. The delta is computed by the server based on the resource in hand and these checksums, and is then transferred to the client.

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