Caught boyfriend surfing dating sites

* So, make a long story short, I discovered the evidence of several porn sites, and also some others that have me concerned.

*Besides porn, *I found aol web site info (we don't have aol & he said he only had the one email account that I know about) I found a site, the name alone made me sick.

*Putting the degrading part aside, also didn't understand how it was a turn on if I was more attractive than the girls I saw & could do the same sh#% only better, have sex & love.

Unlike every post I read, we do not have a bad sex life, I don't think he's choosing it over me, we have sex atleast 4/5 times a week.

*(didnt want all details, just the top reason for seeking the materials) 1. The type of woman (I assume) he is most interested in watching in the videos. I have tried showing him books, articles, marriage & family counseler, psychologist etc documents on this topic that he also refuses to read.

*I told him find me a rebuttal & I'd be more than happy to take a look at it.

*Concerned, I asked him why he had deleted it & he told me he never had, maybe on accident. EVERY time I used any Internet accessible device of his.*It was a site u can sign up for free & meet sex buddies for all types of encounters - including discrete encounters for married people interested in affairs.I confronted him & he denied all getting angry with me that I didn't trust him, & that other people could have used his phone.*About 2 months ago after holding in my wondering & fears that are now rampant, I sat him down, gently, caring & calmly told him how I felt, was there anything he wasn't telling me, that I hate feeling worried that he's hiding something..I began to cry & begged him finally to just tell me anything - whatever it was we would be ok, the what ifs were to much for me.*I'm not a house wife, I have a full time career & do my best to balance the household responsibilities. Even if I'm not in the mood, I still will abliege atleast a short session.*I always felt that men cheat because their women turn them down so much they go elsewhere, and I would much rather satisfy him then leave him high & dry.* I don't expect a sugar coated response, honestly, I'd prefer brutal honesty.However, *please, don't tell me anything about an abortion or anything like that, that is NOT an option.*I told him my feelings, that it's one thing to watch it with me, but watching it behind my back made me uncomfortable.*I'm not a fan of porn, was raised it was wrong & as an adult I still gave it a try & had an open mind. I didn't get why I would watch women degrade themselves and have sex with random people.

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