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When seeking help though, you are treated like an addict. I don't even know what Oxycontin is used for, pain i believe, but there seems to be too many petitions for this problem to be taken lightly. I spoke to her doctor several times about finding something else for pain and winging her off Oxy Contin.As it is a pain killer it doesn't seem to be legitimate for injured patients to use considering the lessons we've learned from this highly addictive drug. My mother had double knee replacement in 2003, she was 70. I would hear excuse after excuse as to why she needed this medication.I have lost so many friends and family because of this disease and these stupid ass pills, and heroin need to stop this!!!pl These so called "pain management" clinics and physicians are unconscionably pure evil and should be eradicated along with the illicit street drug dealers.THERE IS NO REASON A DRUG THIS STRONG AND LETHAL SHOULD BE READILY AVAILABLE.THERE IS NO PURPOSE FOR A SINGLE PERSON TO BE PRESCRIBED 30 PILLS FOR A SIMPLE PROCEDURE WHEN THEY CAN TAKE AN ADVIL. THIS IS ONLY MAKING DRUG COMPANIES RICH, WHILE PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING FROM THE LOSS OF THEIR LOVES ONES. My daughter DIED at 22 yrs of age due to being hooked on Oct then went to heroin.Fentanyl killed my niece, Tom Petty, and Now I believe another family member and she was in the hospital and they gave it to her!

Doctors created this specific along with losers who sold their pills in the streets.. He became addicted while having a legal prescription for the drug.We see many times an Alert goes out about tainted food and it is pulled from the grocery stores immediately!Oxy Contin needs to be pulled off of every pharmacy shelf now.There are other narcotics available to prescribe and administer for pain.We need to shut down the source of this drug, Purdue Pharmaceuticals needs to stop making and MARKETING Oxy Contin.This monster named Oxy Contin distroys emotions, common sense and the ability to care about anything that at one time held some value in their lives. When she was cut off, a friend introduced her2 heroin. Most of them were VERY YOUNG and had started well before their 18th birthday as well.I wasn’t aware of the long term effects this drug created. She has been an addict since 2011 and can't get any life is a living hell because of this drug. I believe Oxycontin drove my husband to pick up his gun and take his own life last week. NOT a good or necessary drug to have on the market.Ruined my whole family and started with legitimate surgeries. Many lives lost and the drug companies made billions.Blood money, so I hope they enjoy their riches at the cost of many many lives.BUT I GUESS LIKE THE OLD SAYING GOES "IT TAKES ONE BAD APPLE TO RUIN THE BUNCH" SO SORRY FOR LOVED ONES WHOM HAVE SUFFERED A LOSS OF A LOVED ONE. It's beyond comprehension that the FDA hasn't pulled this horrible drug off the market and still expects to have any credibility.And i am of the opinion, that pharmaceutical companies, who not only profit from these opioid products, and than profit from those products used to address addiction, should subsidize, if not foot the entire bill, for treatment CENTERS,not just programs for those lacking insurance that would provide inhouse, controlled environments needed when treating addictions.

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