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EP142: Meditation tips, sounds baths, and outdoor living with Camilla Dallerup-Part 1-Tony: We’re recording. Camilla: Cause that’s who we are as people, we say we do something and we do it. So, for me to actually say, I came down here yesterday to watch the sunset. That was my upbringing and am very good at working hard. But however, it was just the freedom that I felt, when I really said I have retired. Because, we don’t have meditation studios in the UK. I was, since I moved here, I think all of the years I’ve seen a little bit of resistance when I came home and people were a little doubtful of all how does this stuff work. That’s what they call the green (unclear)Camilla: I never knew the smell of that stuff til I moved here but it’s everywhere around here. She’s like, join the line, you know, join the queue, cause everybody wants to teach here. Tony: That’s the second time am going to a studio but do you think there’s a first for this more in the UK now as well? I think it’s just because of that sole focus on one thing, the exclusion of all other. Can be forgetting those going on around, that really is a mindful experience. From mindfulness, to aroma therapy, to crystals, to mantra, literally, mention it, it’s part of it. So tonight, and this is interesting cause when I first joined the studio, I actually just popped down there to write an article about it and I just walked in and I thought, I never want to leave this place. Camilla: Yeah, I just felt like I wanna stay here and I literally just said to the owner, I want to teach here. And I just surrendered and I thought, you know what? I’m clearly meant to add it on to my kind of CV if you wish you know?

Camilla: And I think it was wise in some ways, cause it taught me lots of things. But tell me about the events themselves because do you think, I mean out here, I was telling you I’ve been in New York and I went to a meditation studio there. Tony: And that’s the first time I’ve ever been into a meditation studio and time number 2 is gonna be in an hour’s time at your (unclear)Camilla: Yeah Tony: You can say (unclear)Camilla: Yeah. Tony: Time number 2 is gonna be at your studio in less than an hour. I do know that I snore though, because I use this app called sleep cycle, have you heard of it? But it also records your snoring, so I can listen back to it. Camilla: Yeah Tony: Which was a lot of chance of socializing and reflection and everything else. Tony: Well, I know you guys have been dabbling with dodgy muscles, I think I might have had something similar (unclear) yesterday… I’m sure that whatever happens I will feel relaxed, given the chance, I would probably fall asleep. I don’t push anything on anybody, but I have seen too many things now, to not believe, that they have some sort of energy that maybe just helps you to connect deeper with yourself or whatever it is. She's now an author and meditation teacher living in LA, and when she was in London recently she came on Zestology. Tony: So, I’ve never done a podcast where am wearing, well basically attached to each other with microphones. We agreed to do a return version in LA while we walked... Camilla: You think you’re gonna do this all the time right? Tony: Well we get normalized to our surroundings as well don’t we? I was, you know, I headed for a burn out at 35, and I realized I wanted to have balance and create a life that was slightly more balanced for myself which mean, which meant that I could go and actually have a look at the sunset once in a while. Camilla: But it’s easy to, we create our patterns and just move those patterns with (unclear) we move around the world. And this is just something that is, I think all of us have to be mindful of because we’re so blocked in, we’re so working all the time, you know that? Camilla: I said to a young girl the other day in one of my corporate classes (unclear). And I thought, wow okay this is what we, this is what we’re doing these days.

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