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Near the end, following Romeo’s and Juliet’s respective suicides, Friar Laurence, arrested and brought back to the tomb by the Prince’s Watchmen, reveals to the Prince, both Lords and Lady Capulet the truth of Romeo & Juliet’s clandestine wedding and his other plans.The Friar is not seen or heard from again after fleeing in terror from the tomb, and thus the revelation of the secret marriage is never shown in the film, though both houses evidently know about Romeo and Juliet’s marriage by the time of the double funeral. After the Prince’s reprimand of both families, they exit, without reconciliation by the two fathers.The end credits are visible as processions from both houses make their way side by side into the church.

Romeo gets out of bed, Juliet awakens to see him gazing out the window.Therefore, Romeo is exiled for disrupting the streets for a fourth time.This is a major turning point for the plot, for Juliet and Romeo no longer can be together.After he pulls on his trousers, he lays down next to her and she begins the Lark/Nightingale conversation.Only the last part of this scene takes place on the balcony, as in the play.That scene was eliminated altogether, but the Prince’s line at the end was not changed.Reference to the scene was made in the souvenir program for the film, however, indicating that it may have been filmed, but deleted before the final release.She soon wakes up with Friar by her side, urging her to leave, for he knows Romeo is dead. She quickly finds Romeo on the floor and kills herself with his dagger.With the knowledge of Romeo dead & Juliet freshly bleeding, the Montagues & Capulets along with town members come to the area and finally realize that their family feud is what brought the death of their children. While based on the original play, numerous small details were changed in the film’s story.However, this is also true of numerous Shakespeare films made by other famous directors, including Laurence Olivier’s versions of It becomes evident at the feast Romeo is not the only one whom Rosaline shuns; she has multiple potential suitors doting on her, none of which she shows any interest in, though she seems to enjoy basking in the attention she is getting.This scene takes place largely in Juliet’s bedroom after their wedding night.

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