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Is there any food more quintessentially American than the burger?

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Perhaps the most well-known is Louis Lassen, who introduced a hamburger steak sandwich at his restaurant Louis’ Lunch, in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1900.Others claim that "Hamburger Charlie" Nagreen actually invented the dish at Wisconsin’s Outagamie County Fair in 1885, and still others claim that the Menches brothers did it at an 1885 fair in Hamburg, New York.Regardless of whoever first applied a ground meat patty to bread, today the burger is one of the most beloved, comforting foods in existence.Hamburg was the most common port of origin for ships traveling from Germany to the United States, and by the late 1800s restaurants in New York began serving what they called Hamburg steaks, seasoned and cooked patties of ground beef, to German immigrants.According to the late Josh Ozersky’s The Hamburger: A History, the oldest mention of a Hamburg steak on a menu was at New York’s Delmonico’s, the recipe having been developed by one of America’s greatest chefs, Charles Ranhofer.Newport is one of the larger towns on the oregon coast with a population of nearly 10,000 people.It sits on highway 101 and the highway is one big long strip of tourist activity with motels, gas stations, fast food, grocery stores, tourist trinket stores, and a casino.You can even argue that we’re currently in the midst of a burger Golden Age, with more and more upscale restaurants adding burgers to their menus as old-time burger joints keep going strong, and entire festivals and competitions are devoted to burgers. To answer this question we called upon none other than Pat La Frieda, butcher extraordinaire and the creator of some of the meat blends that have gone into making some of the most heralded burgers served in America today, including Shake Shack’s and the legendary Black Label burger at New York’s Minetta Tavern.“The perfect burger, in my view, is one that satisfies what I am hungry for at that moment,” he told us.Even though each of the burgers we found was unique, certain qualities were universal must-haves: high-quality beef (you'll find no non-beef burgers in our ranking), proper seasoning, well-proportioned components, and an overall attention to detail that many would call “making it with love.” As usual, we didn’t include large chains like Shake Shack and In-N-Out — we celebrate the best chain burgers annually as well — choosing instead to focus on smaller-time restaurant owners.We compiled a survey which was then taken by a panel of noted writers, journalists, bloggers, and culinary authorities from across the country, asking them to vote for their favorites, limited to the ones that they’ve tried.

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