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The track is the second single off the album Por Primera Vez, which she is working on with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

It is the multi-talented star's second full-length Spanish album and her ninth studio album. Along with her new album, busy J Lo has been filming Second Act with Leah Remini, Vanessa Hudgens and Milo Ventimiglia all over the New Year area.

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Scattered around are the emblems of all human endeavours – violin and lute, armour, coronet, square and compasses, pen and manuscript, bay leaves, and flower, tangled and trampled under Cupid’s foot.

The symbology thus holds the possible reading: Vincenzo Conquers All.

Giustiniani is said to have prized it above all other works in his collection. Caravaggio’s treatment is remarkable for the realism of his Cupid – where other depictions, such as a contemporary Sleeping Cupid by Battistello Caracciolo, show an idealised, almost generic, beautiful boy, Caravaggio’s Cupid is highly individual, charming but not at all beautiful, all crooked teeth and crooked grin: one feels that one would recognise him in the street.

The beauty - currently dating former baseball star A-Rod - used the subway poles as her own personal dance prop as she showed off her moves in a crop top.

The Jessy Terrero-directed music video showed J Lo having a dance off with Wisin, with who she eventually climbed into a fancy car.

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