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Kristin filed for divorce in Lincoln County, Illinois, which is where we were from and where she was now back living with her folks. And he's lost without her, and consumed with finding her, and is torn over whether she's been killed, kidnapped, or just plain run off? I think that's legalese for "I'm Moving On, Sucker." * * * * * Let's cut to the chase on the divorce. These implications include the affirmation of sexual citizenship, with the creation of new forms of sexual communities; and the denial of sexual citizenship, with the production of new opportunities for pornography, prostitution, sexual exploitation and sexual violences.The article goes on to focus particularly on the contradictory implications of ICTs for sexual citizenship.When I wasn't flying out two or three weeks a month, I was working seventy hours a week trying to line up new contacts and future sales. Of course, Kristin grumbled, but that always led to a whole new series of issues. She was happy at home with her four children and her husband breaking his back to keep her happy. Looking back on it, with my head finally out of my ass, I see now that I really missed my chance to save our marriage then.

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The thought of going back home for the divorce was galling, particularly where I'd be taking time off of work and she wasn't working at all. That, of course, came out of her equal share of the equity in our marital residence, which had sold for top dollar two months after she left in the then-hot Florida real estate market. The sad part is that most of her loneliness had been cured the day I found out she left me. First, I could go out and validate that I was still a great guy. Since she'd taken all of the furniture, she was ordered to pay the credit cards that were used to buy the furniture. CHAPTER THREE Suddenly single, albeit involuntarily, there seemed to be three paths open to me. My shark was bigger, though, and she ended up getting a sound thrashing in the blindingly fast divorce action. "Dad," I said, settling down and trying to keep them from heating up their own argument. That pissed her off, and she decided to hire a real shark. Introduction When I wrote my last story, I promised my next one would be a detective story of some kind. It started the way this one starts, and it got me to thinking about why people act the way they do. Then I was out for drinks a month or so back and heard a guy telling his story. A key aspect of globalisation, glocalisation and transnationalisation is the development of information and communication technologies (ICTs).Such technologies have major implications for sexualities and sexualised violences, and raise profound implications, contradictions and challenges for sexual citizenship.(Sorry, but I'm going to nag you until you're done with it. Still, I didn't expect her to play it quite the way she did. "Of course," I'd continue, "you could always go get a job yourself, y'know. * * * * * Ten months after Kristin's first trip home, I returned from a small jaunt to Minneapolis. Despite my comments to the past several chapters, you really are fucking brilliant! To the contrary, her ultimate actions still stun the hell out of me. I mean, you've got a degree." "But I'm not certified to teach in Florida." "Then get certified. The only girl I'd ever dated since we'd started going steady as sophomores. Five days before Christmas, and I was taking the next two weeks off. And we'd never be having that talk, I realized standing in my entry foyer and looking at my nearly-empty living room. CHAPTER TWO Two weeks later, Sunday morning at ten, my phone rang.

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