40 year old virgin actress speed dating scene

He agrees, out of loneliness more than anything else, and quickly finds himself drowning in their world.

Inadvertently revealing the biggest secret of his life -- that he’s still a virgin -- his newfound chums make it their mission to help Andy achieve what he deems the impossible.

If you haven't seen this early Apatow classic, track down a copy and watch it as soon as possible.As much as his friends want our lovable protagonist to focus on getting laid, Andy is far more concerned with finding acceptance and companionship.On that note, I can’t imagine anyone pulling off the character’s uncertainties and self-doubt better than Carell, a master of nuance and subtle humor.Characters drink repeatedly, smoke pot, and curse frequently; one smokes cigarettes when he's depressed and another spends long minutes trying to put on a condom.Soundtrack features songs about sex and sexual desire (for instance, Missy Elliot's "Get Ur Freak On").Slight twitches, realistically tormented expressions, and a series of emotionally-defensive gestures make his portrayal of Andy sympathetic instead of pathetic.It becomes painfully clear that Andy may be the only one properly equipped to deal with women because his misadventures in the adult world have stripped him of the traits and views that have left his peers wallowing in cynicism.What sets ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ apart from the genre crowd is a genuine display of heart.Andy isn’t just a sex-crazed loser, he’s a lonely soul who never learned to overcome his own personal insecurities.Parents need to know that this movie is focused on a man's effort to lose his virginity.To that end, it leans heavily on verbal jokes and sight gags related to sex: crude slang for sexual activity, genitals, erections, bodily fluids, breasts, and dildos.

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